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The bow tie is making a great comeback and the crazier the better. Are you looking for a classic bow tie, a trendy plaid pointed bow tie or a knitted bow tie? Then let We Love Ties' wide collection of bow ties inspire you. With us, you will no doubt find a suitable bow tie for every occasion. Bow ties with names like Bridal Blossom, Born Elegance and Talented Tailor can be found in our unique collection. Buy special and stylish bow ties at We Love Ties. 

Check out our collection of bow ties below and buy your favorite bow tie directly online or read more about this trendy accessory.








Bow ties for everyone

A bow tie is a trendy accessory that completes your outfit. Traditionally, a bow tie is worn during special occasions such as a gala. A beautiful, tailored suit with a bow tie is a beautiful sight. But the bow tie is making a remarkable comeback. More and more bow ties in all shapes, sizes and colors can be seen on the streets. Not surprising as far as we are concerned. After all, a bow tie on a well-fitting tailored shirt gives a nice informal and distinctive touch. 

How do you wear a bow tie?

Are you invited to a special occasion with the dress code black tie? Then a bow tie should absolutely not be missing. But of course, such a party does not happen very often. Fortunately, bow ties can also be worn casually nowadays. In our collection you will find a wide range of bow ties in different shapes and sizes. 

For casual occasions, you can also make it as crazy as you want. It's a perfect way to turn a somewhat boring outfit into a trendy and stylish look. And would you rather not wear the same bow tie as your notary or neighbor or are you just looking for a truly original bow tie? Then we would love to help you! We Love Ties has its own team of designers that translate your wishes into a unique bow tie. 

Buy bow ties at We Love Ties

Also so enchanted by one of our bow ties? Then order them directly online. We ship the bow ties within 1 or 2 business days, so they will be delivered in no time. And would you like personal style advice? Feel free to contact us or drop by our showroom in Budel. We will inspire you on your way to your favorite stylish look!