How do I place an order?

Have you found one or more items you would like to have? Fantastic! Simply click the "add to cart" button and your item is in your shopping cart. A number will appear above the shopping cart at the top right of your screen. Please note that placing items in your shopping cart does not mean they are automatically reserved.

Are you done shopping? Go to your shopping cart at the top right to complete your order.

Ordering at WE LOVE TIES is easy by following the steps below.

Do you already have an account? Click on the button 'I already have an account' and log in with your e-mail address and password.

Don't have an account yet? Create one by clicking on the "I am a new customer" button. 

1.       If your details have not yet been entered, enter your details and create your account.
2.       Choose any gift packaging for your ordered item(s).
3.       Do you have a discount code or gift certificate number? Enter it. The discount will be deducted.
4.       If necessary, enter a comment in the comments field.
5.       Choose which way you want to pay.
6.       Check your information and verify that your ordered items are correct.
7.       Sign up for the newsletter if necessary.
8.       Accept the terms and conditions and privacy statement.
9.       Click the "Order" button and you will be redirected to the payment page.
10.   Once your payment is successfully completed you will receive a confirmation email of your order in your mailbox within a few minutes.

Why do the prices in my shopping cart change?

Important information about VAT 

Please note that the final amount of your order may change due to Value Added Tax (VAT).

As a customer within the European Union, you pay the VAT applicable in your country or the country where you have your order delivered.  This means that the price in the shopping cart includes the VAT of your country or country of delivery.

How does this work? Due to annual turnover limits for sales to different EU countries, we apply the local VAT of your country or country of delivery to your order. The price in the shopping cart is adjusted accordingly to reflect the correct VAT.