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The finest XL ties at We love Ties. For tall men, finding a suitable tie can sometimes be a challenge. At We Love Ties, that problem is a thing of the past! In our collection of XL Ties you will find beautiful ties that are extra-long. Perfect for tall gentlemen and for gentlemen with a slightly larger belly size. In our large collection of XL ties, you will find all kinds of different stylish ties for the tall man. Something for everyone.

Check out our stylish XL ties below and order your favorite easily and quickly online.








Extra long neckties for a stylish look 

We Love Ties' XL tie collection is specially designed for men who are tall and therefore have trouble finding the right tie. Since there are many tall men, XL ties are no luxury here. Ordinary ties can turn out very short on a tall man, making a carefully put together look not so neat after all. This does not happen with the XL ties from We Love Ties: they are longer, so they fall well with the rest of the look. XL ties are also perfect for men who are a bit heavier or have a larger belly size.

The XL tie for every occasion

At We Love Ties you will find a wide range of XL ties. In our collection you will find the perfect tie for all occasions. For example, are you looking for a beautiful business XL tie? Then choose the stylish burgundy 'Merger monday' tie or go for light blue with the XL tie 'Common shares'. Do you like to incorporate polka dots into your look? Then the 'Basis point' tie in light or navy blue is definitely for you! At We Love Ties, there is something for everyone and you are guaranteed to find the XL tie that suits you. 

Choose your favorite XL tie and order it easily online

Were you able to make a choice? Then you can easily order your favorite XL tie online in our webshop. If you order before 4 p.m., it will be shipped the same day. Having trouble making a choice or want some additional information about the XL tie? Our staff is happy to help you ahead, so don't hesitate and feel free to contact us!