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Welcome to We Love Ties, where we offer a wide selection of clip ties suitable for both men and women. Whether you're looking for a fresh apple green clip tie or a classic burgundy security tie, we have it all. Our pre-knotted ties provide a stylish and groomed look, perfect for any occasion. Our safety ties are specially designed for industries where safety is of utmost importance. With our diverse range of clip ties, you'll not only look stylish, but also safe. Take a look at our wide collection below and order your favorite clip tie online today.








Clip ties: Safe, convenient and stylish

Clip ties are ideal for professionals in industries where safety is a priority. Our security ties are designed to release easily when pulled, which is essential for professions such as security guards, police officers and cab drivers. In addition, our pre-knotted ties are also useful for people who cannot tie a necktie for various reasons, such as disability or simply because they have no experience tying a tie.

Simple style with clip ties

Wearing a clip tie is safe and easy because you don't have to tie it yourself. Simply attach the tie to your blouse with a clip and you instantly look stylish with minimal effort. In our collection you will find safety ties in a variety of colors, so there is something for everyone. Whether you go for a striking color like apple green, fuchsia, or yellow, or prefer a classic color like gray, black or navy blue, at We Love Ties you will always find the clip tie that suits you!

Order your safety tie now at We Love Ties

Have you found the perfect clip tie? Then order it easily online at We Love Ties and have it delivered to your home. Still in doubt or want more information? Our staff is ready to help you. Feel free to contact us or visit our showroom in Budel.