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Unique and stylish lapel pins from We love Ties. Lapel pins provide a classic and stylish look. At We Love Ties you will find lapel pins in different colors and all kinds of different styles. Choose from a colorful lapel pin in the shape of a flower or go for a special look with a lapel pin in the shape of a fox. On our webshop you will find a lapel pin for everyone. 

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Lapel pins in different styles and colors

At We Love Ties you will find a wide range of lapel pins. In our collection there is something for everyone. Therefore, everyone can find the right lapel pin for him here. Would you like a classic look? Then go for a lapel pin with a gray or red rose. Do you prefer to go for a unique lapel pin? Then choose one with a red heart or a light blue dahlia. Do you like to walk around with unique accessories? Then the lapel pin in the shape of a fox or dog's paw is definitely for you. You can choose which lapel pin from this extensive collection suits you best. 

Stylish and classic: the lapel pin for special occasions

Lapel pins provide a classic look. They are perfect to wear to special occasions. A lapel pin is a pin you wear in the buttonhole of your left lapel. Revers pins are often in the shape of a flower. Revers pins are often worn to weddings or other celebrations. They are then used to complete a festive look and add a splash of color.

Buy a lapel pin online at We Love Ties

You can easily and quickly order the beautiful lapel pins from our webshop online. Just choose the lapel pin that suits you best and if you order before 4 p.m., you'll have your new lapel pin delivered the next business day. Can't choose or still want some more information about lapel pins? Then don't hesitate and feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you further!