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At We Love Ties, you'll find clip ties in all sorts of different styles, so there's always one to suit you. From a fresh clip tie in apple green to a safety tie in classic burgundy. Our pre-knotted ties provide a stylish and well-groomed look that will always make you look good. Our safety ties are designed for industries where safety is important. So with our wide selection of clip ties you will always look safe and well-groomed.

Check out our large collection of pre-tied clip ties below and choose the one that suits you best. Order your favorite clip tie directly online.








Safe, easy and stylish

Clip ties are the ideal accessory for men who work in an industry where safety is paramount. Our safety ties are designed to release easily when pulled. Important for professions that may face aggression, such as security guards, policemen or cab drivers. In addition, our pre-knotted ties are also ideal for people who are unable to put on a tie, for example due to a disability or simply because they are unable to bow tie.

Look stylish in an instant

Our clip-on neckties are so safe and easy because you don't have to tie them yourself. You simply attach the tie to your blouse with a clip. So you look good with little effort. In our collection you will find safety ties in a variety of colors, so there is something for everyone. Do you like to go for eye-catching ties? Then choose a clip-on tie in apple green, fuchsia or yellow. Prefer a pre-knotted tie that is easy to combine? Then go for a clip tie in gray, black or navy blue. At We Love Ties, you will always find the clip tie that suits you!

Ordering a safety tie at We Love Ties

Have you found the perfect clip tie? Then you can easily order it at We Love Ties. Order your favorite directly online and it will just be delivered to your home. Do you find it difficult to choose or would you like to discuss your options? Our staff will be happy to help you! Just give us a call or drop by our showroom in Budel in The Netherlands.