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The men's cravat: back from the past

Ascots and cravats are a classic style accessory for men. An ascot tie makes sure your appearance is dressed up and classic.  In the past, the men's cravat was worn to keep the neck warm or as a change from a tie. Nowadays, of course, cravats are also worn on a Casual Friday at the office or to complement a somewhat boring shirt to liven things up a bit. In short, cravats have not disappeared from the fashion scene and are still doing their part.

How do you wear an ascot tie or a cravat? 

An ascot tie or a cravat is a scarf or foulard that is tied loosely around the neck as an accessory. Ascots and cravats are worn in the open hem of a shirt. Dressy men wear a cravat instead of a tie, for example. Nowadays, however, you can also wear the cravat in a looser way. Fashion-conscious 1950s enthusiasts wear the ascot tie as a kind of vintage fashion item. As you can see, the cravat looks great on the classically dressed man, but also with the fashion-conscious hipster, who wants to make a statement with his outfit.

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