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A bow tie, or butterfly, is an untied bow tie. That is, you have to bow tie it yourself! You've seen it in the movies or at parties: at the end of the night, you'll see several men with two flaps hanging loose from their shirts: that's an untied bowtie. When you buy a butterfly at weloveties.com, you will receive this bowtie untied. Of course, you can find knotting instructions on our website. Is very handy! It often turns out to be a chore, but practice makes perfect, the more often you tie a bow tie the more beautiful the bow will become. And remember: real men bow tie their own bufferfly! Browse our extensive collection below and order your bow tie online today!







Butterfly for every occasion

At We Love Ties, you'll find bow ties for every occasion. After all, bow ties are not only worn during festive occasions. A butterfly is certainly worn casually as well. If you do want to buy a bowtie for a party, for instance, you can choose a catchy butterfly with a print pattern or one with a floral pattern. If you're going for a more russet look, it's best to buy a plain butterfly. 

Bow-tying yourself is better

It might also be nice to know that a true butterfly wearer, prefers a butterfly that he still has to tie himself. From tradition, but also from aesthetics: a self-tied bow is more beautiful and organic in shape than its pre-tied "brother”.

Great service when buying a butterfly

Ready to buy a butterfly from weloveties.com, but still have some questions? Feel free to contact us for some additional information. We can also give you tips on how best to wear your butterfly, for example. Also, if you have questions about how to tie a butterfly, we have some helpful tips for you. In any case, our customer service is here for you! You can email us at info@weloveties.nl.