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Larger quantitiesNEW Arrivals
Butterfly Fleur de Paris
Butterfly Fleur de Paris
€ 17.50
Scarf Luxury Leopard
Scarf Luxury Leopard
€ 69.00
Cravat Saint-Denis
Cravat Saint-Denis
€ 24.50
Tie pin Wood
Tie pin Wood
€ 24.00
Men's scarf Pied-de-Poule
Men's scarf Pied-de-Poule
€ 29.00
Necktie Mr. Mixed Up
Necktie Mr. Mixed Up
€ 19.95
Necktie wool silk orange
Necktie wool silk orange
€ 34.95
Suspenders small striped
Suspenders small striped
€ 32.50
Cuff links Snowflake
Cuff links Snowflake
€ 24.95
Handkerchief Paisley Flower
Handkerchief Paisley Flower
€ 18.00
Necktie Caterpillar
Necktie Caterpillar
€ 28.50 € 19.95
Ladies bow Confetti blues
Ladies bow Confetti blues
€ 22.50 € 11.25
Cuff links Graphic
Cuff links Graphic
€ 24.95 € 14.95
Cuff links silk royal blue
Cuff links silk royal blue
€ 14.00 € 10.16
Necktie Slim Shady
Necktie Slim Shady
€ 28.50 € 16.80
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Necktie with logo We realize what you imagine!
Whether you are looking for an exclusive business gift, a corporate identity tie, a business tie, a logo tie or a scarf by you own design, Rooymans Neckwear is able to realize it for you.

Rooymans Neckwear  has its own design studio with passionate designers. They specialize in designing ties and ladies scarves. They translate your logo or corporate identity into a beautiful & wearable tie and scarf, taking into account your wishes and the latest trends of fashion accessories. Take a look at our customers today.

Minimum quantity
You can have your own necktie starting at quantities as low as 30 pieces.

Let us surprise you! E-mail us your logo (.EPS or .PDF file format): for a free design and quote, at no obligation.

More information?
For more information take a look at:
collection ties Need a quantity of the same neckties or scarves in a hurry?
In addition to our customized products, we also offer the Joseph Boϋt Collection.
This in-stock collection consists of a series of high-quality neckties, ladies’ scarves,
bow ties, and pashminas. The collection is easy to order and available from stock.

Logo imprint
Would you rather give your necktie or scarf a personal touch? We would be happy to print a logo or text on these products for you. We do this using a unique printing process which guarantees a beautiful and durable result.
This is possible from 10 pieces and up.

Would you like to give your association more uniformity or do your members need a fresh look? We also provide many possibilities for associations. The minimum order of ties, scarves, chokers and waistcoats is as little as 10 pieces, with the possibility of adding a print.

Or are you just curious about our collection?
Check our extensive JB Collection at
Below you’ll find various possibilities for tying your tie and bow tie
how to tie a tie?

Neckties are made from delicate fabrics. You can’t just throw them in the machine with the other wash. If you want to your tie to retain its beauty and shape, please follow the recommendations below.

• You can wash a synthetic necktie yourself. However, be sure to follow the instructions on the label.
• You may never wash a silk necktie yourself. These should be taken to a professional drycleaner who is experienced in cleaning neckties.
• If you get a water stain on a silk tie, simply allow it to dry. Never rub the stain using the end of the necktie.
• For hard-to-remove stains, hold the stain above the spout of your kettle as it steams, and then use a good cleaning product.
• Stains on silk neckties are best removed by rolling the tie up and soaking it in a jar of benzine. Hang the necktie to dry by the tip of the narrow end. This will revive the necktie’s shine and texture without the need to iron it.
• Always hang your necktie up on a tie hanger after wear. Never leave the knot in the tie.
• Never disentangle the knot by pulling on the narrow end. Untie the knot by running through the steps to tie the knot in the reverse order.
• Never tie the knot too tightly when you tie your neckties.

A silk scarf may be washed by hand:
• Wash by hand in plenty of lukewarm water using a mild wool detergent.
• Rinse thoroughly after washing.
• Treat the silk with care by not wringing it out.
• Do not dry in direct sunlight or hang it above a heat source.
• You may also wash a synthetic scarf yourself. However, be sure to follow the instructions on the label.

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