Wedding Wishes

Everyone knows the saying: Fine feathers make fine birds. This means that what you wear defines how people see you. This also applies to bridegrooms. Even more, if the groom looks dashing at his own wedding, it can lift the entire day. Especially when the wedding has a theme.

Having the right accessories is not to be underestimated! We Love Ties can help. Our expansive and easy-to-use web shop has a huge and varied range of neck and bow ties, cufflinks, suspenders and plastrons. To get you started, we give you a number of styling tips in the form of 4 popular themes:

Pastel Romantic

For a romantic style, go for beautiful soft colours such as old rose, light yellow and beige. A necktie, plastron or bow tie really makes your outfit shine.
Matching items could be:

Vintage 50s

Rockabilly, red, macho, masculine: those are the first terms that come to mind when you think of a vintage 50s style. Give your wedding outfit a macho ‘touch’ with for example suspenders, a red bow tie or narrow necktie. We Love Ties suggests:

Classic Chic

Say Yes in style, not with too much fuss but with classic accessories such as a beautiful silk tie and subtle handkerchief. When you go for classic, go for a wider necktie in a muted colour. A few ideas:

Happy Hipster

Be young and be happy! Make a statement with your wedding outfit, and go for a striking narrow necktie, a knit bow tie, combined with a handkerchief or suspenders. Fresh and bright colours to stand out and show your happiness! Be inspired by these catchy items:

necktie love actually
handkerchief perfect day
necktie mr right
necktie best man
plastron paisley love
bow tie le letite point
necktie tony twofinger
cuff links snooker
suspenders polkadots
bow tie holiday rock
necktie cafe paris
bow tie red velvet
necktie perry polka cuff links rings
necktie la rochelle handkerchief paisley dot
necktioe carved connection
butterfly paisley love
necktie river romance
bow tie dotted dandy
necktie liberty lush
handkerchief fuchsia
suspenders cornflower blue
plastron paisley love
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