How to tie?

Did you buy a necktie, but have no idea how to tie it? No problem, We Love Ties is here to help you! A simple step-by-step guide on how to tie a necktie can be found below. If you follow the steps, you will be able to tie a ‘four-in-hand’ in no time! Had some practice already? Why not go for the ‘Windsor’ knot. Are you a real tie-pro and are you ready for a challenge? The try out the ‘Prince Albert’ for a beautiful full knot. The instructions for tying a butterfly can be found below. A good tip: when you have a butterfly with an adjustable strap, you can pre-tie it around your upper leg. It’s much easier, and then you can simply loosen it and put it around your neck. And remember... Practice makes perfect! Still a bit clumsy with your cravat? Scroll down to see how to tie it. And finally, the handkerchief: it can be folded in various ways. View our simple instructions and decide which method suits you best.


- Four in hand

- Windsor

- Half-windsor

- Prince Albert





- Classic flat

- One corner up fold

- Casual fold

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