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Scarf orange uni

Go orange! With this orange scarf, you’ll always be a hit!

Article number:JB71
Quality:100% silk Twill
Size:30cm x 140cm
€ 24,50
Amount: Shopping bag

This article is also available in larger quantities
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Prices excl. VAT:

1-9 pieces€ 20,25 p.p.
10-24 pieces€ 19,00 p.p.
25-49 pieces€ 18,50 p.p.
50-99 pieces€ 18,25 p.p.
>100 pieces€ 18,00 p.p.
Prices incl. VAT:

1-9 pieces€ 24,50 p.p.
10-24 pieces€ 22,99 p.p.
25-49 pieces€ 22,39 p.p.
50-99 pieces€ 22,08 p.p.
>100 pieces€ 21,78 p.p.

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Necktie orange
Necktie orange
€ 18.95
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